Mar 25, 2024

Middle East: Top 100 Arab Family Businesses in 2024


According to the "Top 100 Arab Family Businesses 2024"

report by Forbes Middle East magazine, Abdul Latif Jameel is among the

strongest Arab family businesses.

Overview of Abdul Latif Jameel

Basic Information:

●    Founded: 1945

●    Country: Saudi Arabia

●    Chairman: Mohammed Abdul Latif Jameel

About Abdul Latif Jameel:

●    Abdul Latif Jameel started as a small trading company in 1945.

●    After 10 years, it became the exclusive distributor of the Toyota brand in Saudi Arabia.

●    The company's activities currently cover a variety of sectors including:

○    Transportation

○    Energy

○    Water solutions

○    Financial services and investment

○    Healthcare

●    The company's operations span over 35 countries.

●    The company employs over 11,000 people.

Company's Businesses:

Abdul Latif Jameel for Cars:

●    Exclusive distributor of brands including Toyota and Lexus

●    Has operations in: Middle East and North Africa region, Turkey, Japan, China

Abdul Latif Jameel Healthcare:

●   Acquired a majority stake in Genpharm, a company specializing in rare diseases, in January 2024.

●   Genpharm has a strong presence in the Middle East, North Africa, and Turkey.

To learn more:

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